Civil-Military Interoperability (CMInterop),Thomas Matyók, Ph.D.

This research project focuses on developing a theoretical framework that incorporates Civil-Military Interaction, Civil-Military Coordination, and Civil-Military Interoperability to achieve their seamless integration in building resilient and sustainable conflict transformation systems and processes.

Building Societal Resilience through Joint Civil-Military Interaction (JCMI), Thomas Matyók, Ph.D., Yvan Ilunga, Ph.D., and Francesca Dell’Aqua

JCMI Network is a research and education activity created to investigate issues involving civil-military interaction, to educate civil and military organizations and stakeholders regarding unity-of-aim in peace development and humanitarian operations.

Religious Values Negotiation in Civil-Military Contexts, Thomas Matyók, Ph.D. and William Flavin

This project investigates the limitations of Interest-Based Negotiations when negotiating with religious actors guided by religious values. Presented is Religious-Values Negotiation (RVN), an approach that recognizes the role of religious stakeholders’ values in negotiation settings. Investigated is a multi-step negotiation process.

Religion and Peace Development, Thomas Matyók, Ph.D. and Yvan Ilunga, Ph.D.

Religion is the missing component of comprehensive approaches to peace development. Civil and military operators working in complex environments are obliged to understand the role of religion and religious actors in conflict prevention, mitigation, and reconciliation.

Trans-Atlantic Strategic Culture and Civil-Military Interaction, Thomas Matyók, Ph.D.

Investigates how Trans-Atlantic Strategic Culture is experienced by senior NATO officers, civil society, and the military.