Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) is a group of activities founded on communication, planning, and coordination that military share and conduct with international, national, and local non-military actors before, during, and following military operations which mutually increases the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective actions in response to a crisis. CMI is the appropriate engagement, governed by political decisions, between non-military and military actors. CMI is, therefore, a permanent means to optimize a multi-national military contribution to a coherent response to crises by the international community.

Joint Civil-Military Interaction (JCMI) connects Civil Society, Military, Government, and Academia as stakeholders in responding to violent crises as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster responses events. Here you will find resources available to support CMI activities.

Civil Military Operations: Afghanistan
Observations on Civil Military Operations
During the First Year of Operation Enduring Freedom

by William Flavin

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Stabilization: A New Approach to Whole of Government Operational Planning Bill Flavin (Editor)


Fred Koolhof TEDX speech on DIALOGUE: